Prepare for Holidays

It is always a wise precaution to pack some essential items in case of illness on holiday. Do choose medicines according to your needs and the country you are visiting. If you take prescription medicines regularly remember to pack then too.
Holiday Kit 
 - Paracetamol
 - Travel sickness tablets
 - Plasters
 - Rehydration solutions such as Dioralyte
 - Anti-diarrheal, e.g. Imodium
 - High factor sunscreen; calamine lotion
 - Always check whether you need any immunisations or malarial tablets before you travel.
 - Seek advice well in advance in case you need a course of injections.
Some travel areas may require vaccines that have to be given 8 weeks or so before departure. Any travel vaccines should be given at least 2 weeks before departure and it is unlikely that we will be able to help you with your vaccinations if you leave it too late. This is because your body will not build up the appropriate immunity before you go.
Other Essentials to Pack
 - Anti-malarials
 - Water purification tablets
 - Insect repellent
 - Condoms / other contraceptives
Medical Insurance
 - Arrange Medical Insurance
 - Obtain a E111 form from the Post Office if you are travelling in Europe .
This will entitle you to free or reduced cost medical care within the EU.
Take the form with you on holiday.
(Care can still be very expensive even with an E111 form.)
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