Patient Participation Group

Matlock and Ashover Practice - Ashover has a Patient Participation Group which has been going strong for approximately 6 years. 

All PPG meetings have been suspended at the moment due to the CoronaVirus outbreak.
The aim of this Group is to enable patients to become more involved in the Practice and the development of local health services. We wish to engage with our patients to discuss topics of mutual interest and to encourage all our patients to make positive suggestions about the Practice and the services provided.
We meet twice at the Surgery, usually early evening and are keen for the Group to represent all sections of our patient community.  We have now introduced a joint PPG meeting with Matlock and these will take place twice over the year at the Matlock Surgery.
So how can you become more involved?
In person at the reception
By emailing Liz Banner, the Practice Manager
By letter to the Practice
By phone on 01246 590711
Virtual Patient Group
If you find it difficult to attend meetings or feel that meetings are not for you, then maybe you would care to join our virtual patient group. We will consult you by email to obtain your views on Practice issues – if you would like to be involved please let reception have your email address or email the Practice Manager on her email address above.
Patient Charter
We aim to provide the best possible service to our patients and hope you will feel that we achieve that aim. The care of your health is a partnership between yourself and the primary health care team.
The success of that partnership depends on an understanding of each other's needs and co-operation between us.
Our Promise to you
- You will be greeted courteously
- You have a right to confidentially
- You have the right to see your medical records subject to the limitations of the law
- You will be seen the same day if your problem is urgent.
- You will be referred to a consultant when your GP thinks it necessary
- You will be given the result of any test or investigation on request
- Your repeat prescription will be ready for collection within 72 hours of your request
- Your suggestions and comments about the services offered will be considered sympathetically and any complaint dealt with quickly.
How you can help us
- Please treat all Medical Centre staff with courtesy.
- Do not ask for information about anyone other than yourself
- Tell us of any change of name or address, so that our records are accurate
- Only request an urgent appointment if appropriate. Home visits should only be requested if you are too ill to attend the medical centre
- Please cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend
- Please be punctual, but be prepared to wait if your own consultation is delayed by an unexpected emergency
- Use the tear-off slip to request your repeat prescription whenever possible. Please attend for review, when asked, before your next prescription is due
- Do let us know whenever you feel we have not met our responsibility to you
- We would, of course, be pleased to hear when you feel praise is due as well
- We will not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour to any member of staff within our practice and such behaviour will result in you being removed from the practice list immediately.
Zero Tolerance 
Our staff are committed to providing quality healthcare services for the benefit of all patients and service users. We are determined to ensure staff are able to work without fear of violence, and will not tolerate aggressive, threatening or violent behaviour towards them.
Individuals behaving violently towards staff will face sanctions and be reported to the Police. The Practice will always support a prosecution to the full extent of the law.
The Practice considers aggressive behaviour to be any personal, abusive and/or aggressive comments, cursing and/or swearing, physical contact and/or aggressive gestures.
The Practice will request the removal of any patient from the practice list who is aggressive or abusive towards a doctor, member of staff, other patient, or who damages property.


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